Oh Papa

This blog is now officially gone loco. I mean GLOBAL - it has gone global.
I'm writing this from Rome, having just got here a few hours ago. My hotel \ hostel, Papa Germano is conviniently located within minutes (walking) from Termini train station. So says their site, and so says I, having verified it. I actually am quite proud of myself, I got from the airport to my hotel without a herd of tourists to follow, just me, a small sketch map I printed minutes before leaving my house, and my amazing intuition.
After showering and checking out the room's TV and fridge, I went down and asked the guy in the lobby (could it be Papa himself (question mark suspiciously absent from Italian keyboard)) about a place to eat something cheap, nearby. He pointed me to a place where I just had the pleasure of eating a brilliant (that means very very tasty, not shiny) Tortelinni (if that's how you spell it). It was so Italian and so Good Italian, that it's price (5 euro) seems totally ridiculous.
Coming back to the hotel lobby, I used the 30 minutes free internet (really papa, you're pretty great) to check a little online stuff and write this blog post.
Why (question mark)
Because this trip, even if somehow unconnected to everything else in this rarely updated blog, is not only a gift to myself, it's also another "station", another point I want to be remembered, if only by me. It (along with my decision to quit my job, exactly a week ago today actually) signifies another one of those moments where I heard myself think or feel, when I knew what I wanted to do, or what I wanted not to do anymore. And this small revelation, coming around my 25th birthday, should be celebrated. Rome and Venice is a great place for that, with the right food, the right company (seeing as I am not only going to meet my old friend Irene but apparently meet some new CouchSurfing friends as well), and the right food (theres a lot of food here).
Good night.
נכון להיום הזמנתם *כרטיסים* לסרט ^ג'ון טרבולטה בתחתונים^ בקולנוע ~פרישמן בלונדון~